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Brian looks more excited than anything. Since his changing into a lycan, his wolf form had always been excited for a meal. “Looks and sounds like fun! Throw it!”

He held up the disembodied liver and threw it to the Engineer. “Catch!” he yelped enthusiastically. It had been quite a long time since he last saw Brian and, being honest, he missed him so much. He had been busy lately moving away, organizing his office and doing paperwork and he completely forgot how to socialize and have fun.

"I’ve got more if ya want! What about a lung?" he gazed upon his car, parked upside down somewhere and where he had most organ jars he had just stolen.

10:56pm September 25, 2014

((I need to be more active in this blog OTL I’ve been trying to revive him from the grandpa house but defhdsfogndfg I’m sorry Joseph))

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Normally I’d say no… but yeah. I do.

"I just stole a liver from someone out zhere" he held up the organ, pulling his glasses up to take a closer look at it and shaked it. "Looks like isn’t vorking anymore so we can’t use it vizhout vorrying!"

8:52am July 4, 2014
auschwitzviolin asked: ⊖ Joseph as a Blissey (nurse hat included)


I have no words

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Returning back to the box she lent over, ducking into the bottom for some of the final carefully packed components that had been delivered, pushing aside the bits of compacted straw to reach them.

"Oh, vhell I am from Russia." It felt strange to be asked that twice in the space of a few weeks, the man’ curiosity doing well to inspire a small smile. "Do you speak any Russian…?" 

It was always a long shot, to find another who did, having not conversed with her mother-tongue to another in quite some years.
She straightened with some parts in hand, crossing the space of the bay to line them up with the other strange looking spares. This was far more than she had expected, but it was always better to be over-prepared than not at all.

"I do. I learnt it before going to zhe frontlines back vhen I vas young. I haven’t spoken it for ages" he didn’t add anything else. He didn’t need to tell his whole lifestory to the woman who had just met.

"Sounds sehr interesting! I sort of vant to go back to Russia sometime but I zhink zhings are quite tense over zhere, am I right?" he picked up some parts and lined up next to the ones the Medic had piled, wondering if he should go organize himself.

A black dog was by the door, sniffling everything before entering the room and standing on two legs and greeting her owner and moving to examine the woman with curiosity. Joseph chuckled and tried to keep his pet out of the room. “Pretzel nein! Go vait outside, ve are busy hier!” he turned to the woman with a smile “don’t mind her, bitte. She’s young und still training”.

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on the next one i think i’ll do secondary characters

!!!! Heavy is my favorite and im a Pisces !!!!

I must be the worst goddamned Leo in the world.

me and my gf are heavy and medic this is it this is fate

oh man

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((I made a “fighting style" page in case someone wonders how the hell he can fight if he uses a walking cane))

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Look at that hospital
Now I realized I never color him ;u;

Look at that hospital

Now I realized I never color him ;u;

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British actor Joseph Fiennes


British actor Joseph Fiennes

10:27pm June 28, 2014